booze, boobs & clutchkicks


Welcome to my personal site where the adults need adults, and Starbucks and Redbulls are the only reason we even get out of bed!  



I'm not a super model or a professional driver, and I'll probably never win the Powerball. I'm a young mother who loves to drift. I am putting myself through college to have a better future for myself and my family, and it's been a rollercoaster of emotions and struggles trying to balance everything (see picture below for reference).

I'm not perfect, and I hope that if there's anything you can gain from my blogs it's that I struggle with life just as much as the next person. I get frustrated, I cry, I laugh, I curse (a lot), and sometimes I can be a bitch. Connecting with my readers on a personal level is my goal as I treat my blogs as if I'm having casual conversations with some of my closest friends.

I will spare no details and censorship here! Grab a beer, get comfortable and take a peek into my little world!